Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Be It Ever So Humble

I’ve known Alli since my high school years, and I never get tired of her illustrations. When I’m out shopping, sometimes I see her work in unexpected places, and other times I spot it in the anticipated magazine. Her drawings are honest, forgiving, unfettered, and cheerful. I love the simplicity of her uncluttered designs. She doesn’t draw like she has something to prove, and I imagine her laughing when she eyes her final sketch, drawing, or whatever she uses nowadays to design. Is it all done on computer? I dunno. Maybe I will ask. But that’s not my point really. A year and a half ago, I discovered a polymer clay artist whose work was in one of those Interweave Empire magazines, and I fell in awe. Yes, I fell in awe over a POLYMER CLAY bead. Blasphemy! My fascination with her work didn’t end there. Soon I was being alerted by my email inbox that Ms. Powers’ beads were to be distributed by a growing number of retailers. I am not a clay artist; glass and metal are my preferred media, but Ms. Powers inspires me to re examine color. And I imagine if she was an illustrator, her designs and Alli’s illustrations would share many of the same principles. It is this bead that reminds me of Alli’s drawings. And isn’t Alli’s little creature so similar? Alli’s cat and Humble Bead’s barnyard owl, inspired me to make this necklace this morning. Isn’t it cute?

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