Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Teal, Pink, Purple and Leather? Why Not!

Pinks, Purples and Teals?

When the Singing Bee was on TV, I had a good time calling the host Joey Fat One. I knew his name was Fatone, but calling him Fat One makes me giddy and laugh like a high schooler. As I near my forties, I am still silly.

While I had fun playing with the compound “ fatone,” I wasn’t sure how to feel about the 2009 Fall Color Report as presented by Pantone or as I like to call them: Pant One. But because I don't design just for myself, I went on a shopping frenzy choosing faceted crystal and resin beads for the Fall months, guided by my Pantone Fall palette. Autumn - it's my favorite season. While I was choosing these new electric hues, I was thinking, "Where are my Earth tones: greens, burnt oranges, dirty yellows?" Mmm, colors that would make me want to roll in dirt and get crunchy leaf bits caught in my hair.

But the 2009 Fall colors are not the earth tones I love. How could this be, oh Pant One? Is it because I pick on your name? Pink. Purple. Teal. Really? These are the colors of Orlando rental cars, not my beloved autumnal hues. These are not my comfort colors, Pant One. Unlike a nice bowl of mashed potatoes, which I know will be delish, I’m not sure if I can fill up on these blues and pinks, so I went hunting for something new, yet familiar– a new something I’ve never worked with before. As if drawn by some magnetic field, I entered the closet. A buttery soft Anne Klein black leather summer flat with a hole in the right shoe. Like a falling pine cone from its tree, this shoe literally fell on my head. I opened the seams, deconstructed the pieces, and was surprised by the amount of usable leather. I fashioned a nice smooth cuff for my new pink, purple, and teal bead clusters. I like it. And I can like these Fall colors. You’re all right, Pantone. In case you are wondering, these gorgeous bead clusters were made from metal "catapillar"(spelling error intended) components from Midwest Beads. A while back it was rumored they were not going to carry them anymore and I shuddered, but they are still in their catalog and they are awesome as ever.